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Sept 23, 2023
Third Annual
Creston-Kootenay Lake Gran Fondo.

What is a Piccolo Fondo? Generally a shorter easier ride that can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Piccolo Fondo - 61.7km ride is out and back through the farmlands of the Creston Valley and to the south end of Kootenay Lake. First and last quarter(give or take) of the ride is generally flat with only very short sections of uphill. The middle portion is rolling hills with 3 notable hills. Not quite sure how there can be 1 notable hill on the way out and 2 on the way back but that is the way it is. There are expansive views of Duck Lake and the mountainous terrain that towers over Kootenay Lake.This is a beautiful ride particularly when dressed in fall colours! 

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